News Briefs April 2, 2018


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DuPont Pioneer’s commitment to local communities is a core value. This week’s briefs cover a women-in-tech interview series, replanting decisions, early-season weed control in corn and nitrogen stabilizers.

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In the News

Interview Series Showcases Women in Iowa Tech Industry

The Technology Association of Iowa (TAI) recently launched Catalysts—a digital interview series sponsored by DuPont Pioneer—which spotlights 10 women working in technology across a variety of industries. Through the interview series, TAI hopes to not only celebrate women in tech but also to inspire more people to consider careers in technology…Read more

Weather Records and Replanting Decisions

The 2017 season will be remembered as the “year of replant” by many farmers and seed companies, as replant acres hit record levels in the eastern Corn Belt. Heading into 2018, Mark Jeschke, agronomy information manager for DuPont Pioneer, looked at corn stand evaluations and replant considerations…Read more

Crop Insights

Early-Season Weed Control

Controlling early-season weeds, three to six weeks after planting, is critical to achieving high corn yields. This period begins in the V2 to V3 stage when corn is roughly 6 inches to 8 inches tall. Weeds that are allowed to germinate, emerge and grow with the plant cause the most yield loss…Read more

Nitrogen Fertilizers, Stabilizers and Loss

Nitrogen fertilizer is one of the most critical inputs in corn production. Its importance is highlighted in years when excess rainfall leads to nitrogen deficiencies and yield reductions. Under prolonged wet field conditions and warm temperatures, nitrogen can be lost from the soil. Losses may be moderate or severe, depending on the form of fertilizer applied and the extent of wet, warm conditions that favor its loss…Read more

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