News Briefs April 30, 2018


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With temperatures rising throughout the Midwest, growers can begin taking advantage of the cutting-edge agronomic knowledge provided by DuPont Pioneer. This week’s briefs cover scientists’ work on water-saving crops, high-yield factors beyond planting date and Corteva Agriscience’s focus on innovation. 

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In the News

Scientists Work to Increase Crops’ Water-Saving Potential

Water. No matter the location, hybrid or soil type, every crop requires the life-giving liquid. Producers have implemented irrigation and fine-tuned cultural practices to make the most of available moisture, but soil conditions and unpredictable rainfall can still make crops vulnerable to yield-reducing drought. 

“Identifying physiological traits that minimize the impact of drought appears to be the best bet for increasing yields under water deficit conditions,” said Avat Shekoofa, assistant professor with the University of Tennessee Department of Plant Sciences. “One trait that shows great potential for conserving water among row crops is limited transpiration under high atmospheric vapor pressure deficit.”

Pioneer® brand Optimum® AQUAmax® products possess a limited transpiration trait that provides a level of drought resistance…Read more

Corteva AgriscienceTM Looks to Innovate both On-Farm and Digitally

Innovation is key to modern agriculture and Corteva AgriscienceTM recognizes that theme as part of its everyday operating structure. 

"Innovation is built into who we are as an organization," Bryce Eger, Corteva’s commercial unit leader for Canada, told “In order for us to enrich the lives of our producers, we have to bring them value. That value comes through productivity and profitability on their farms.”…Read more

Looking Beyond Planting Date for High Yields

As April comes to a close, there is still very little corn in the ground across the Midwest. Yet that is not as big a factor as it once was. Improvements in genetics have produced hybrids that can be planted later and still yield well. 

“It is better to plant early to take advantage of the longer growing season, but the weather in June and July has a much bigger impact on ultimate yields than the planting dates,” said Andrew Ferrel with DuPont Pioneer…Read more

Crop Insights

Planting Outcome Effects on Corn Yield

Corn planting is upon us and proper seed placement is a critical step in maximizing the genetic potential of today’s corn hybrids. The simple secret for success is “do everything right,” but that isn’t very practical advice. If growers focus on these four planting outcomes, grain yield should increase…Read more

Water Retention and Nutrient Availability in Soil

Water held in soil is essential for corn growth. Soil texture, bulk density and organic matter are the primary factors determining a soil’s water-holding capacity and a plant’s ability to extract available water. Soil compaction can restrict root growth of corn as well as reduce the ability of soil to retain and supply water to crops…Read more

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