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The Iowa State Fair began last week and Corteva Agriscience was on hand to present the first Farmfluencer award aimed at inspiring the next generation of farmers. Corteva is committed to supporting the agriculture community as well as providing the best-in-class agriculture products and research growers depend on. 

This week’s briefs cover southern rust management, corn rootworm trapping and evaluating root compaction.

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Crop Insights

Southern Rust Management in Corn Southern rust is showing up in cornfields again this season. With favorable conditions and the potential for rapid onset, this disease can devastate yields if not spotted and treated quickly. Common rust is easily confused with southern rust but is a much less significant threat to corn yields…Hear more

Corn Rootworm Trapping

Corn rootworm is a consistent, serious yield threat. In theory, this year’s saturated soils may reduce rootworm pressure next season. Sticky traps are important tools to test that theory and assess the number of rootworm beetles in fields. These traps indicate the number of adult rootworm beetles in the field and provide solid information about how much rootworm pressure may be present next season…Hear more

Evaluating Soil Compaction in Corn

Corn fields with plants of uneven height and at different growth stages may have compacted soil brought on by heavy rains and quick planting earlier in the season. To check for compaction, begin by digging up a plant in the suspected area and evaluate the root mass, root angle and root depth…Hear more

In the News

Corteva Agriscience and 4-H Showcase the Future of Farming at Iowa State Fair

The Iowa State Fair is expected to draw more than a million guests between Aug. 8-18. Corteva Agriscience, an official partner of this year's fair, collaborated with the National 4-H Council during the opening weekend, highlighting its commitment to encouraging youth to become engaged in developing of ideas and solutions that grow progress and the future of agriculture.

Winners of this year's inaugural Farmfluencer contest joined Dana Bolden, Corteva Agriscience Vice President of External Affairs, on stage to discuss the agriculture industry and how their winning submissions impact the future of farming…Read more

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