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With a thousand decisions to make every growing season, quality agronomic information is something growers need every day to manage their operations with confidence. This week’s media briefs cover a better way of predicting corn maturity, identifying early white mold development and selecting hybrids for drought conditions.

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Crop Insights

Predicting Corn Maturity

Pioneer Field Agronomist Brian Bush has a secret on how to predict corn maturity. Corn denting can only tell you so much, but if you break an ear in half and find the milk line, you can have a better idea of when maturity will occur…Learn more

Spotting White Mold Development

The combination of accelerated GDU accumulation and cooler, damp days has kick-started white mold growth in some soybean fields. White mold is nearly impossible to eradicate once present in a field, but lowering plant populations and using fewer agronomic practices that speed canopy closure will help lower the spread…Learn more

Selecting Hybrids for Drought Conditions

The hybrid that excels when favorable environmental conditions occur is seldom the one that thrives in low rain and high nighttime temperatures. Planting every field in anticipation of a favorable season can be a recipe for disaster…Learn more

In the News

Growers See the Money with Plenish® High Oleic Soybeans

Processing opportunities and markets continue to expand for Pioneer® brand Plenish® high oleic soybeans thanks to the health benefits the beans boast as the FDA intends to eliminate the “generally regarded as safe” status of trans fats. High oleic soybean oil does not require hydrogenation, which produces trans fats, and is expected to be chosen by many restaurants and food services as a replacement oil.

Indiana farmer Tom McKinney says it is worth the little bit of extra work to get paid an additional 50-cent-per-bushel premium to grow high oleic soybeans…Read more

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