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Smartphones have revolutionized farming and Pioneer has been at the forefront of the technological movement. The launch of the new Corn Yield Estimator tool is a key part of the Pioneer mobile app and a revamped website provides farmers with the best agronomic information, whether they’re in-field or out. 

This week’s briefs cover corn blotch leafminer, thistle caterpillar populations and sugarcane aphid scouting. 

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Crop Insights

Identifying Corn Blotch Leafminer Damage

Corn blotch leafminer is a pest that damages the leaf and stem of corn plants by piercing the plant and laying eggs. Hatching larvae feed on the vulnerable lower canopy. This damage can resemble a disease with blotchy patches of discolored tissue…Hear more

Thistle Caterpillar Populations Increasing

Thistle caterpillar is a relatively uncommon pest in the Midwest but has been numerous in Iowa this season, in part due to spring weather patterns moving moths up from the Southern U.S. In moth form, these pests are known as the painted lady butterfly and resemble monarch butterflies, the only differences being their smaller size and olive coloration. While the moth form is pretty, the larval form is responsible for the majority of damage…Hear more

Scouting for Sugarcane Aphids in Sorghum

Sugarcane aphids populate the underside of sorghum leaves and can be identified by their cream color. It’s recommended to check six spots in the field and around seven plants per stop. The economic threshold is when 30% of the plants scouted contain between 50 to 125 sugarcane aphids per leaf. Populations can increase rapidly, so once aphids are identified, growers should scout twice per week…Hear more

In the News

Pioneer Launches Corn Yield Estimator Tool as Part of New Mobile App and Website

Estimating corn yield is now easier than ever thanks to the new Pioneer Corn Yield Estimator tool. Now available to farmers as part of the Pioneer mobile app, the Corn Yield Estimator tool takes yield estimation to the next level. This tool uses a machine learning model, which allows farmers to quickly and accurately count the kernels on an ear while in the field. The yield estimate is based on kernel count, stand count and kernels per bushel. The introduction of the Corn Yield Estimator tool kicks off a more connected Pioneer digital ecosystem, including the Pioneer Seeds mobile app and the revamped website. 

“The creation of this tool is part of Pioneer’s larger efforts to advance customers’ ability to improve management,” said Jeremy Groeteke, U.S. Digital Agriculture Lead, Corteva Agriscience. “The goal of this app is to standardize the process for estimating yield from a single ear of corn and is part of our predictive agriculture effort.”…Read more 

Download the app here.

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