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It’s the last week in August, which means Farm Progress 2019 kicks off Tuesday and runs through Thursday in Decatur, Illinois. Drop by the Pioneer tent to see what industry-leading products and technology we’re showcasing this year. The Pioneer stage will feature the latest product and digital technology information, weather and market updates, the Pioneer® brand A-Series Soybean Big A Challenge winner announcement, a consumer and culinary discussion, and a winner of the 4-H FarmFluencer award. 

This week’s briefs cover giant ragweed and herbicide resistance, target spot management and fungicide applications during VT. 

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Crop Insights

Is Giant Ragweed Becoming Herbicide Resistant?

Giant ragweed in some fields appears damaged but mostly unscathed by herbicides, raising questions about whether this weed is becoming resistant. Pioneer field agronomists cut open some plants and found hollow stems, indicating that stem borers had invaded the plant. Borer damage, not herbicide resistance, kept the weed from effectively translocating herbicide…Hear more

Target Spot Identification and Management

Target spot has become an emerging issue for soybeans in the past six to eight years in the Mid-South and Deep South. This disease thrives in warm, humid conditions. This season has been ideal in many locations for development on the lower canopy before spreading upward…Hear more

Fungicide Application on VT Corn

With all the tassels out, this is ideal time for a corn fungicide application. Check disease scores to aid your decision and apply between VT and R1 growth stages. Return on investment will usually be higher in corn-on-corn fields and when growing hybrids with high yield potential…Hear more

In the News

Pioneer Stage Presentations at 2019 Farm Progress Show

Pioneer will offer a variety of agronomic and farm management insights for the thousands of growers who visit the Pioneer tent (#883) and stage at the Farm Progress Show, Aug. 27-29, in Decatur, Illinois. 

Attendees will hear from Pioneer agronomists and industry experts will share insights from the 2019 Farm Journal/Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour, along with the robust stage schedule highlighted above. For more information or to arrange interviews, contact Kacey Birchmier at 515-305-0085 or kacey.birchmier@corteva.comRead more

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