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Use Identifying stressors—whether it’s insects, bacterial infections, weeds or drought—can be the difference between a successful harvest or a “better luck next year” feeling. This week’s media briefs cover how to differentiate between bacterial infections, identifying weeds and drought tolerance.

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Crop Insights

Differentiating Between Bacterial Infections in Corn

Erwinia Stalk Rot, much like Goss’s Wilt, is a bacterial infection that targets the plant’s growing point, eventually killing it. However, distinguishing between the two infections can be a difficult but important process…Learn more

How to Properly Identify Waterhemp

Identifying waterhemp, which is easily mistaken for other weeds, can be difficult. Waterhemp does have a few tell-tale signs for identification, such as the lack of hairs on the stem or elongated leaves with a glossy sheen…Learn more

Ear Placement in Relation to Drought Tolerance

Ear placement and balance is a popular way to evaluate and assess a corn crop. The ability of the ear to stay on the correct node can provide an indication of how the hybrid will perform in drought-like conditions…Learn more

In The News

Dry Conditions, SDS Causing Issues in Corn and Soybean Fields

With dry conditions throughout much of the Midwest, many corn and soybean fields are starting to feel the pressure. Pioneer Field Agronomist Ryan Terry says he has seen early signs of Sudden Death Syndrome, or SDS, in soybean fields.

“Early in the season it was too much rain keeping [farmers] out of the field, now we’ve turned to a dryer stretch of the year where…some areas are starting to see very severe drought stress to the point where growers are wondering if they are going have successful pollination.”…Hear more

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