News Briefs December 11, 2017


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Advances in technology are paramount to not just the agricultural sector, but society as a whole. Today’s briefs cover a technology agreement between DuPont and Sumitomo Chemical, DuPont Pioneer’s most advanced soybean class, crop plant population research and more.

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In the News

DuPont, Sumitomo Chemical Company Announce Global Seed-Applied Technology Agreement

DuPont and Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited, recently announced a global agreement to collaborate on the development, registration and commercialization of seed-applied technologies for use in key crops throughout the world.

By combining the pipeline from Sumitomo Chemical with DuPont’s technology and capability, there is an opportunity to evaluate technologies together, at an earlier stage, to understand the complementary characteristics of various product combinations…Read more

A-Series Soybeans Subject of NAFB Talks

Pat Arthur, Category Leader – Soy, DuPont Pioneer, told KXRB that A-Series soybeans have the highest yield potential of any line Pioneer has introduced.

“What we are seeing this year in customer fields…is a 1.9 bushel yield advantage across the entire class of soybeans,” he said. “When I say class, I’m not talking about one, or two, or three varieties, I’m talking about 54 new varieties we introduced this last year.” …Watch more

Crop Insights

Corn Plant Population Research

DuPont Pioneer has been conducting plant population studies with corn hybrids for more than three decades. With plant population research ongoing at more than 320 locations throughout the United States and Canada, Pioneer aims to answer lingering plant population questions. Researchers target representative environments based on maturity zone, expected yield (high or low), specific stresses, and other unique location characteristics…Read more

How Exactly Does Corn Take Up Nutrients

Nutrient uptake is a complex process, but understanding how corn uptakes nutrients can help growers make better management decisions to improve yields. Agronomic practices, such as correcting pH, monitoring for nutrient deficiency, eliminating compaction, draining wet soils, maintaining adequate water supply and improving soil health are a few ways to improve nutrient uptake…Read more

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