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2020 is just two days away, and with it come the endless possibilities of a new year. We at Pioneer are thrilled to see what the new year and new decade will bring as we combine Pioneer’s agronomic knowledge and products with farmers hard work and spirit. The future is rife with opportunities! 

This week we’re covering rotating sources of SCN resistance, revamping obsolete soybean nutrient uptake data and how growers are protecting their nitrogen investment. 

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Crop Insights

Rotating Sources of SCN Resistance

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) damages soybeans nationwide, causing losses of more than $1 billion every year. SCN cannot be eradicated, but good management helps maintain yield, reduce SCN numbers and preserve the effectiveness of resistant varieties. Rotating resistant varieties and non-host crops, as well as monitoring SCN population levels are the best ways to manage SCN…Read more

Revamping Obsolete Soybean Nutrient Uptake

Much of the soybean nutrient uptake and partitioning information currently used was developed in the 1960s. Since 1965, soybean yields have steadily increased by 0.41 bu/A annually. Breeding efforts have also altered soybean physiology, leading to longer reproductive growth phases, and effectively making current uptake data obsolete. A three-year Pioneer study analyzed the uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and many other nutrients to revamp the obsolete numbers…Read more

Maximizing Nitrogen Uptake

Nitrogen is one of the most expensive and variable inputs farmers use. It’s also easily lost from the soil through denitrification, leaching, volatilization and immobilization. Plants use nitrogen most efficiently when applied as close as possible to the time of crop uptake. Ideally, this might include multiple applications of N during a growing season…Read more

In the News

Pioneer® Brand Corn Achieves New World Record in NCGA Corn Yield Contest

For the third time, David Hula of Charles City, Virginia, set a new world record at the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Corn Yield Contest. Using the Pioneer® brand P1197 family of products, Hula achieved an astounding yield of 616 bu/A with Pioneer® hybrid P1197YHR, crushing his previous world record of 542 bu/A, set in 2017 with Pioneer® P1197AM™ brand corn.

Farmers who planted Pioneer® brand corn products won 10 national and 245 state awards. Seventy-five unique Pioneer brand corn products placed among all state and national winners, showcasing the strong diversity of the Pioneer lineup to perform under a variety of conditions.

“All of us who represent the Pioneer brand – from R&D to our experts in the field – congratulate David for his new world record,” said Judd O’Connor, President, U.S. Commercial Business, Corteva Agriscience. “It’s a remarkable accomplishment and demonstrates the genetic potential within corn when you strike the right combination of genetics, advanced breeding techniques and intensive management practices.”

Check out the full NCGA results here.

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