News Briefs December 4, 2017


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December is here and growers are considering ways to improve their crops for 2018. This week’s briefs cover DuPont Pioneer’s industry-leading corn genetics, weed control for 2018 and disease issues for wheat.

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In the News

DuPont Pioneer Providing Industry-Leading Corn Genetics

Agriculture and farming in general is a holistic approach according to Ryan Myers, DuPont Pioneer Category Lead for Corn.

“It’s about what the farmer is doing and what our products do to fit their acres,” he said. “We pride ourselves, not only as a seed company, but as a world-class agronomy company. We are able to bring all those things into one fine point so good things happen for the customer and good things happen for Pioneer.”…Listen more

Weed Control Important for 2018 Seed Selection

As harvest wraps up in portions of the U.S., growers turn their attention to next year’s crop and DuPont Pioneer Territory Manager Doug House thinks weed control will play a prominent role in their seed selection.

“This is a very critical time for farmers to sit down with their seed dealers or sales reps and talk about how this year went while it’s fresh in their minds,” he said. “There are a lot of products coming in, so you need to have those weed control discussions.” …Listen more

Crop Insights

Harvesting Dwarf Bunt-Infected Wheat Is No Small Task

A fungal disease of winter wheat that infects plants and developing grain, Dwarf bunt normally occurs between December and February. Because the fungus grows systemically in the plant, eventually replacing the kernels with bunt balls, raising the header of the combine will reduce the amount of bunt ball harvested.

Additionally, bunt balls and spores tend to adhere to wet grain, so harvesting below 15 percent moisture will reduce the balls and spores entering the combine…Additional tips

Seed Treatment Protects Soybeans from the Start

Early-season insect and disease issues can put young plants at a costly disadvantage. In 2013-14 research trials, the Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment offering boosted soybean performance by 4.5 bu/acre versus untreated soybean varieties in responsive environments.

Elite DuPont Pioneer genetics combined with Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment help soybeans get off to a strong, healthy start in less-than-ideal growing environments…Read more

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