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Planning for 2020 is a lot easier with actionable data from previous years. While this can seem daunting, Pioneer agronomists are available to help set up test plots, analyze yields, identify trends and spot potential issues for the coming year. 

This week’s briefs cover test plot design, yield-limiting factors in continuous corn and managing glyphosate weed resistance. 

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Crop Insights

Designing Test Plots

On-farm test plots can provide valuable information about the performance of a product or practice. When designing a trial, it’s important to have a goal in mind, avoid confounding factors, test in fields that reflect local conditions and minimize variability between the factors tested…Read more

Three Factors That Limit Continuous Corn Yields

Obtaining maximum yields can be difficult in continuous corn production. Numerous studies have documented yield reductions when corn follows corn rather than soybeans. An Illinois study revealed three factors that explain 99% of the difference between continuous corn and corn-soybean results: soil nitrogen supply, continuous corn history and weather conditions…Read more

Weed Management in the Era of Glyphosate Resistance

The development of glyphosate-resistant crops is one of the most important weed management innovations in recent memory. Ease of use coupled with the broad-spectrum efficacy made it a popular choice among farmers. However, all herbicides are susceptible to resistant weed development given time and repetition. Overreliance of any weed management tool eventually leads to failure. Adopting best management practices helps prolong the useful life of current herbicides…Read more

In the News

Corteva Launches LANDVisor™ — State-of-the-Art Digital Technology for Ranchers and Land Managers

Corteva Agriscience recently announced the launch of LANDVisor™, a new integrated technology solution that allows ranchers and land managers to implement a customized solution for accomplishing their land management goals. LANDVisor combines sophisticated imagery and data analytics with expert management advice to increase land productivity. The technology provides detailed information on forage productivity and vegetation including the density of desirable and undesirable plant species, identifying where and when herbicide treatments will be most beneficial.

“LANDVisor gives [land managers and ranchers] confidence that they are making optimum decisions. Providing customers with the latest integrated technology to sustainably manage their resources and maximize productivity is key to fulfilling our commitment to ensure progress,” said Damon Palmer, Pasture and Land Management Business Leader at Corteva Agriscience…Read more

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