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Few enterprises are as exciting and unpredictable as farming. The variables that farmer’s can control require time and knowledge. Local Pioneer sales reps and agronomists are here to help bridge the gap between the known and unknown. 

This week’s briefs cover machinery options for reducing soil compaction, sorghum fertility management and selecting silage hybrids. 

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Crop Insight

Machinery Options for Reducing Soil Compaction

Today’s heavier farm machinery inherently increases the risk of soil compaction. Contact pressure primarily determines topsoil compaction, while axle load is the primary factor in subsoil compaction. Thankfully, there are ways farmers can combat compaction. Larger tires, duals, lower tire pressure and rubber track systems can all reduce topsoil compaction…Read more

Sorghum Fertility Management

Creating a soil fertility strategy for grain sorghum is similar to that for corn. Although many farmers view grain sorghum as a low maintenance crop, sorghum responds well to nutrient applications…Read more

Selecting the Right Silage Hybrids

When selecting silage hybrids, it’s important to focus on basic agronomic traits, dry matter yield and starch content. Agronomic traits include the number of growing degree units to silk and maturity, stress emergence, and disease tolerance. Dry matter yield is influenced by plant height at the ear and starch content. Starch content is important to both yield and nutrient density…Read more

In the News

Corteva Agriscience Announces OnmiraTM Active as Global Trademark for Picoxystrobin

Corteva Agriscience recently announced it is implementing OnmiraTM active as the new global brand name for picoxystrobin, the active ingredient in more than 15 proven fungicides from Corteva.

“With a consistent global brand, farmers can be confident that products containing picoxystrobin and labeled with Onmira active possess the benefits of Corteva’s exceptional research, development and testing,” said Keith Graham, Global Portfolio Leader, Corteva Agriscience. “Farmers worldwide will also be better able to recognize our high-quality active ingredient in these current Corteva fungicide products, as well as new ones we will be launching in the future.”

Onmira is a highly active strobilurin fungicide used to control foliar and soil-borne plant diseases. Products with Onmira are labeled for crops, including soybean, corn, wheat, rice, sunflower, canola and oilseed rape…Read more

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