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One of the fastest changes in modern agriculture has been the rise of precision agriculture. These tools leverage seasonal data and turn it into actionable insights and plans. Pioneer’s Encirca® services and Encirca certified services agents help growers make the best decisions for their operations, in season and out. 

This week’s media briefs cover the symptoms of macronutrient deficiency in corn, Mexican bean beetles and hybrid response to plant population. 

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Crop Insights

Identifying Macronutrient Deficiencies in Corn

Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, magnesium and calcium are macronutrients that plants need to survive. Deficiency symptoms differ depending on which macronutrient is lacking. Nitrogen deficiency is characterized by a general yellowing or an inverted V on the tips of lower leaves…Read more

Mexican Bean Beetles

While adult and larvae Mexican bean beetles both can defoliate soybean plants, larvae typically are more damaging. Larvae strip away the top layer of leaf tissue between the veins, giving leaves a skeletonized appearance. Adult beetles consume the leaf tissue between major veins, producing a distinctive lacy appearance to the foliage…Read more

Corn Hybrid Response to Plant Population

With more than three decades of corn hybrid plant population studies throughout the United States and Canada, Pioneer is able to determine the optimum seeding rate for local conditions. Pioneer researchers target representative environments based on maturity zone, expected yield (high or low), specific stresses and other unique location characteristics. Farmers can use this information to find the best potential planting rates for their specific need…Read more

In the News

Navigating Precision Ag Tools

Precision agriculture offers powerful tools for farmers, but the choices can be overwhelming. Paul Schmid of Schmid Ag Technology built his company to help farmers navigate those expanding offerings. About four years ago, he incorporated Pioneer’s Encirca® services into his business for variable-rate nitrogen monitoring, prescription services, soil testing and variable-rate fertility. 

“I’m really specialized in … taking the data from that hardware and using it to help the farmer make better decisions,” Schmid said. “Tying in the data from the combine with the data from the planter, how do we look at that and make better seed, fertilizer and nitrogen decisions in the coming year?”…Read more

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