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Farming is built on making the best decisions for an uncertain future. Pioneer researchers and agronomists are always working to solve today’s problems while anticipating tomorrow’s challenges. 

This week we look at the benefits of blended soybean varieties, corn rootworm defense with Pioneer®brand Qrome® products and Gibberella stalk rot. 

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Crop Insights

Benefits of Blended Soybean Varieties

Pioneer researchers compared yield performance and economic value of blending two Pioneer® brand soybean varieties versus a single variety in South Dakota and Minnesota fields with challenging variability. Blended and single varieties yielded similarly across locations, with an average yield of 50.3 bu/A for single varieties and 50.7 bu/A for blended…Read more

Corn Rootworm Defense with Pioneer® brand Qrome®

Pioneer® brand Qrome® products provide excellent corn rootworm protection, a three-year study found. Field trials evaluated the efficacy of Qrome products under various levels of corn rootworm (CRW) feeding pressure. Across all three years of the study, 24 locations had moderate to high CRW pressure. At these locations, the average CRW node injury score for Qrome products was 0.32 compared with 1.63 for nonprotected hybrids…Read more

Looking at Common Stalk Rots - Gibberella

Gibberella is a fungal infection spread by wind and rain splash. Infection usually occurs following insect injury, which allows the pathogen entry. Gibberella infects corn at the leaf sheaths, brace roots or roots, often after pollination. This disease can progress rapidly in warm, wet weather during corn reproductive stages…Read more

In the News

Granular Adds New Labor and Equipment Functionality to Improve Productivity and Deliver Accurate Financials

Granular, the leading farm management software platform, announced new functionality designed to help farmers easily assess the impact of labor and equipment on their profitability across the operation, down to the field level. This new functionality builds on existing features, enabling farmers to more efficiently manage team productivity and coordination across tasks. Equipment cost analysis can be customized to evaluate such items as fuel expenses, machine wear-and-tear and payment data.

Granular representatives have talked with growers who understand the importance of analyzing their utilization of labor and equipment in order to support hiring decisions, equipment purchases, and more efficient time management. Granular’s new functionality will help farmers analyze these costs while supporting growth during challenging economic times, ultimately boosting their bottom line.

“Farmers need a clear view of their field ROI, and the new labor and equipment features improve that level of detail,” said Andrew Meyers, Vice President of Product at Granular. “As farmers manage rent negotiations, implement crop plans and consider expansion, they must have an accurate view of their financials to make the best decisions for their operation. This added functionality provides a clear view of field-level profitability.”…Read more

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