News Briefs January 15, 2018


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New technologies, techniques and practices will continue to take a prominent role in how growers increase yields. This week’s briefs talk about DuPont Pioneer’s efforts to increase yields through new product lines as well as gene editing techniques. 

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In the News

Pioneer’s New Soybean Series Offers Yield Advantage

The 2017 growing season brought several challenges. Many soybean farmers battled unfavorable weather and encroaching diseases. 

Pat Arthur, soybean category leader for DuPont Pioneer, said Pioneer’s new line of A-series soybeans helped farmers get a leg up on the challenging growing season. 

“In Iowa and across the Corn Belt, we saw a really stellar performance with some varieties that have been developed specifically for the area,” Arthur said. “A new 31 variety, called P31A22X, actually had a 4.8 bushel yield advantage in our trials.”…Read more

How Gene Editing Will Boost Crop Yields

Gene editing is a group of technologies used to turn on or off or alter material at specific locations in a crop’s genome. Want to rid a crop of disease? Flick off a switch. Want to unlock a yield-enhancing characteristic? Flick on a switch. 

Companies like DuPont Pioneer use the CRISPR-Cas9 enzyme, which is akin to a molecular scissors. 

“We can make a snip here, make a snip there, and make targeted changes,” Bob Meeley, DuPont Pioneer senior research scientist, said to Successful Farming. “Like a word processor, the technology can replace, edit and change spellings.”…Read more

Crop Insights

Secure and Private Data

Now is a great time to review data from 2017. DuPont Pioneer is investing in digital agriculture to bring customers state-of-the-art decision tools, so you can be assured DuPont Pioneer has the capability and commitment to ensure data privacy…Read more

Production Cost Calculator

As farmers are planning for the 2018 growing season, a cost-of-production calculator can help to calculate costs and returns for upcoming corn and soybean crops. This tool, as well as many others, is available on Growers can also contact a local Pioneer sales representative, territory manager or agronomist to help them choose the seed and management practices that will bring the most value, acre by acre…See more

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