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Farmers make thousands of decisions every season. To help make the right ones, Pioneer agronomists consistently deliver quality agronomic information so farmers can manage with confidence. This week’s briefs cover satellite and unmanned aerial systems for crop scouting, soybean lodging mitigation and corn eyespot. 

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Crop Insights

Remote Sensing in Crop Production

Advances in satellite and unmanned aerial system technology have made remote sensing a useful, convenient and cost-effective tool for farmers. Corteva Agriscience currently operates the largest small unmanned aerial systems fleet in the world with more than 575 aircraft, helping farmers scout crops all season long…Read more

Investigating Soybean Lodging Mitigation Strategies

Pioneer researchers evaluated the effects of planting date, seeding rate, row spacing and variety on soybean lodging and yield in the Mississippi Delta. Harvest standability was improved with the earliest planting dates, and narrow rows were most beneficial with early plantings…Read more

Identifying Corn Eyespot Eyespot

shows up on corn leaves with numerous small round spots around one-eighth inch in diameter. The oval- to circular-shaped dots initially appear water-soaked and the centers of the spots soon dies, leaving tan centers surrounded by distinct brown to purple borders. Yellow halos frequently encircle the border…Read more

In the News

Corteva Agriscience Unveils Three New Herbicides — TerraVue™, DuraCor™ and ProClova™

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has registered two new Corteva Agriscience herbicides — DuraCor™ and TerraVue™ — for the 2020 season and is evaluating a third — ProClova™. DuraCor and TerraVue herbicides are powered by Rinskor™ active, a new active ingredient in the vegetation management market, designed to deliver superior weed and brush control with tolerance to grasses, forbs, shrubs and other desirable plants. That combination provides two-fold advantages to vegetation managers. Rinskor received the American Chemical Society’s 2018 Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

DuraCor effectively controls common rangeland and pasture weeds, such as thistles, ragweed, horsenettle, pigweed and others. TerraVue can be used on roadsides, utility rights-of-way, natural areas and wildlife management areas, including grazed areas in and around these sites, among other locations. Both products will be available for the 2020 application season.

ProClova is designed to provide cattle producers access to a broad-spectrum weed control product that preserves white clover and annual lespedeza, and all their benefits. Pending EPA registration, Corteva anticipates making ProClova available to livestock producers for the 2021 season.

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