News Briefs January 22, 2018


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This week’s briefs discuss genome assemblies in research, data layers for variable rate seeding and tips for feeding high corn silage rations.

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In the News

Single Reference Genome is not Enough

DuPont Pioneer has developed a way to assemble high-quality reference genomes in just one month, and it has started to create them for several of their own elite breeding lines, as well as select wild strains. Having multiple genome assemblies of the same high standard for several genotypes will be increasingly important as researchers try to achieve a greater understanding of the impacts of structural variation on plant genomes, says Research Scientist Kevin Fengler of the Data Science and Informatics group at DuPont Pioneer.

“We want to focus on true structural variation and have confidence in the new discoveries we find in these genomes,” he adds. “Until now, focusing on one reference genome has limited our view. We are just beginning to explore what we have been missing all along.”…Read more

Crop Insights

What Data Layers are Needed for Variable-rate Soybean Seeding Prescriptions?

Variable rate seeding in soybeans is on the rise, largely due to the amount of spatial data available and the capability of operations to utilize VRS scripts…Read more

Tips for Feeding High Corn Silage Rations

High-forage diets using only corn silage are possible, however, producers need to consider several management factors when feeding cows such high rates…Read more

Maximizing the Value of Folia Fungicides

Research has clearly shown that corn-following-corn fields are at a higher risk and therefore more likely to benefit from a fungicide application compared to corn-following-soybean fields…Read more

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