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Farmers and Pioneer agronomists are busy planning and preparing for the upcoming growing season. Whether checking equipment, evaluating seed choices or determining the best new technologies for their acres, they are planting the seeds of tomorrow’s successes.

This week's briefs cover Planter setup, Granular Insights and corn leaf architecture.

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Crop Insights

Planter Setup

Achieving good stands is critical for crop yields. A 1-inch difference in planting can mean up to a 3-bushel-per-acre loss. The owners’ manual of a planter is the first stop for information on correct planter calibration and maintenance…Hear more

Utilizing Granular Insights

Granular Insights, a farm management app in the Corteva Agriscience line of digital products, lets farmers quickly and easily visualize their yields. Visualization lets growers pinpoint and fix yield issues before problems arise. Farmers can also monitor fields with high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery…Hear more

Corn Leaf Architecture Response to Plant Density

Research has shown that corn plants alter their leaf angle and orientation in response to their environment. At greater plant density, leaf angle tends to be more upright and leaves may preferentially orient toward to interrow to optimize sunlight. Research also found that the plasticity of both leaf angle and orientation in response to density differs among hybrids…Read more

In the News

PhytoGen Announces First Reniform-resistant Cottonseed Varieties

In conjunction with its 40th anniversary, PhytoGen recently announced PhytoGen Horizon Network growers will plant the industry’s first reniform-resistant cottonseed varieties in 2020. A first for the cotton industry, these PhytoGen pre-commercial varieties include the PhytoGen Breeding Trait™ for reniform resistance, which offers built-in, season-long protection against reniform nematodes. PhytoGen Breeding Traits™ are naturally occurring, native traits that protect plants against common yield-robbing pests and diseases.

“Forty years ago, PhytoGen was formed with a commitment to develop varieties and technologies to help cotton growers produce consistently high yield potential and excellent fiber quality,” said Hank King, General Manager for PhytoGen. “With the PhytoGen Breeding Trait for reniform resistance, we’re looking ahead to how PhytoGen will help U.S. cotton producers thrive for another 40 years.”…Read more

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