News Briefs January 29, 2018


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Research isn’t the only thing DuPont Pioneer invests in. Recently, children in rural communities throughout Canada will see the benefit of that investment thanks to a grant from DuPont Pioneer. This week’s briefs cover that investment and whether seed size affects emergence.

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In the News

DuPont Pioneer Launches Community Investment Program for Youth in Rural Communities

DuPont Pioneer recently announced the launch of “Growing Today, Leading Tomorrow,” its new community investment grant program designed for youth in rural communities throughout Canada.

The program is focused on supporting agricultural education, farm safety and food security initiatives, contributing to the development of the future generations of Canadian farmers and leaders…Read more

Crop Insights

Does Seed Size Affect Emergence?

Corn kernel size can vary by hybrid and weather conditions during seed production and is often used to maintain uniformity based on planter requirements and has minimal effect on seed vigor, field emergence or final yield…Read more

Preseason Planter Tips

Planter preparation can give farmers an edge to greater yields. Calibrated meters can help add six or more bushels per acre. Worn bushings increase row bounce which increases seed bounce. Check every chain. Kinked chains cause shock and vibration in the meter…Read more

2018 Agronomy Sciences Research Summary Is Here

At DuPont Pioneer, our commitment to improved crop management is the foundation of our Pioneer® GrowingPoint® agronomy research structure – a network of agronomists and researchers across North America dedicated to help maximize grower productivity by delivering helpful insights built on sound research. These research studies can be found in our Agronomy Sciences research summary…Read it here

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