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Use A new year means a new crop of industry-leading Pioneer ® brand seed products. As the days lengthen, all eyes turn to the fast-approaching 2020 growing season. This week’s briefs examine controlled-release nitrogen fertilizers, mycotoxin testing and yield-limiting factors in corn-after-corn production. 

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Crop Insights

Controlled-Release Nitrogen Fertilizers

Controlled-release nitrogen fertilizers can reduce N losses by delaying the initial release of N and providing it gradually as the developing crop needs it. These products may be most useful in high-value crops, environmentally sensitive areas, fields highly susceptible to N losses, contest plots and foliar applications…Read more

Battling Mycotoxins in Silage

Mold spores are virtually everywhere and easily overwinter in soil and plant residues. It’s estimated that 70%-90% of all mycotoxins are already on corn plants before harvest and ensiling. Proper harvesting, management and ensiling techniques can help minimize mold and mycotoxin problems at feed-out…Read more

Yield-Limiting Factors in Continuous Corn

Lower yield when corn follows corn instead of soybeans is well documented. Research shows soil nitrogen supply is by far the most important factor, accounting for 85% of the yield penalty in continuous corn versus a corn-soybean rotation…Read more

In the News

World-Leading Germplasm Library Fuels Remarkable New Class of Pioneer® Brand Seed Products

Pioneer continues to drive year-over-year yield improvement for farmers with the addition of 89 new outstanding corn and soybean products for North America in 2020. Products selected to be among the 2020 lineup have passed multiple years of rigorous testing and are top performers bred from Corteva Agriscience’s world-leading germplasm library. Pre-commercial testing in IMPACT™ (Intensively Managed Product Advancement, Characterization and Testing) trials ensures only top-performing hybrids and varieties, with stability across a broad range of environments, advance to market.

“Pioneer is once again bringing an exceptional class of products with elite genetics to the market,” said Judd O’Connor, President, U.S. Commercial Business, Corteva Agriscience. “With Pioneer® brand seeds, farmers can be confident they are planting products with strong yield potential and excellent agronomics that consistently deliver top performance.”…Read more

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