News Briefs January 8, 2018


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Happy New Year! We want to congratulate David Hula, who closed 2017 in a huge way by setting a new world record for corn yield by achieving 542 bushels with a Pioneer® brand corn hybrid. He broke his old corn yield record set in 2015. In addition, growers planting Pioneer® brand sorghum hybrids won 18 national titles and 82 state categories. This week’s briefs cover yield winners, European Union import approvals and the effect of seed size on emergence.

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In the News

Hula Breaks Corn Yield World Record Again with Pioneer Hybrid

David Hula did it again in 2017. The Virginia farmer set a new world corn yield record with 542 bushels per acre using Pioneer P1197AMTM brand corn, breaking his 2015 record of 532 bushels per acre. Hula previously set record-breaking yields in 2013 with Pioneer hybrid P2088YHR, as well…Read more

Growers Planting Pioneer® Brand Sorghum Hybrids Win 18 National, 82 State Categories in 2017 NSP Yield Contest

DuPont Pioneer congratulates growers who placed in 18 of the 24 national categories in the 2017 National Sorghum Producers (NSP) Yield and Management Contest with Pioneer® brand sorghum hybrids. Growers who planted Pioneer brand sorghum hybrids won 6 of 10 first-place, national category finishes…Read more

European Commission Authorizes Biotech Products for Import

In late December, the European Commission announced food and feed import approvals for six GMO products, including Enlist E3™ soybeans, the Plenish® high oleic and glyphosate-tolerant trait stack in soybeans, and the Enlist soybean trait, which will be brought to market stacked with the Roundup Ready 2 Yield® trait, pending completion of applicable regulatory reviews. The Commission also renewed import approval for the Herculex® 1 corn trait…Read more

Crop Insights

The Impact of Seed Size on Emergence

Did you know that nearly all kernel sizes can be successfully planted with all planter types? Research shows corn kernel size has minimal effect on seed vigor, field emergence or final yield. Seed is sized to maintain uniformity based on planter requirements. Hybrid genetics still trump everything else as the most important factor in corn yield, and planting the right hybrid with the desired agronomic traits will provide the best overall yield results…Read more

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