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Pioneer’s local agronomists are working with farmers throughout the Corn Belt to make the most of a challenging growing season.

This week’s briefs cover wheat bean planting, the Qrome® revolution and crop response to herbicide applications. 

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Crop Insights

Wheat Bean Planting

Wheat harvest is wrapping up in the Midsouth and actions now may impact wheat bean planting this summer. It’s important to watch combine settings to avoid leaving thick mats or piles of straw in the field that may interfere with seed placement. Narrow row spacing is critical for double crop beans. Recommended spacing is 7.5 inches or 15 inches…Hear more

Pioneer® brand Qrome® Corn Products are Leading the Corn Revolution

Pioneer® brand Qrome® corn products are designed to deliver the optimal balance of insect protection and agronomic performance. Qrome® boasts strong resistance to European corn borer and corn rootworm, delivering protection against both above- and below-ground pests…Hear more

Crop Response to Herbicide Application

It’s important to understand how crops respond to herbicide applications at different growing stages, especially during a delayed growing season. For example, speckling burns on corn leaves may result from the tank mixture being too hot and applying on a hot or humid day. This usually has little to no effect on yields…Hear more

In the News

Granular Launches AcreValue® - Claim My Land and Custom Boundaries

Granular’s AcreValue®, a leading online land intelligence solution for U.S. farmers, landowners, and land professionals, has released two game-changing digital tools to research land and to network — Claim My Land and Custom Boundaries. 

“Landowners now have a tool for claiming land as their own and connecting online with others,” said Adam Litle, Senior Vice President of Revenue for Granular. “Landowners need to interact with each other to keep up on local land values and rents. These tools reinforce AcreValue as the thought leader in the development of innovative digital tools for land markets.” …Read more.

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