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No matter the growing conditions, it’s likely that some disease or pest is just waiting for the ideal time to proliferate and damage crops. Pioneer Field Agronomists are out in the fields, helping farmers identify and treat diseases and pests before they become problems. 

This week’s briefs cover spotting the differences between common rust and Southern rust, managing prevent plant acres, and identifying frogeye leaf spot. 

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Crop Insights

The Difference Between Common and Southern Rust

With humid conditions ideal for growth, now is the time to scout for common rust and Southern rust. Distinguishing between two corn diseases is important since common rust seldom causes significant yield loss while Southern rust can reduce yields. Large, brown, circular or elongated pustules on the upper and lower leaves indicate common rust. Smaller, reddish-orange, pinhead-sized pustules on the upper leaves or husk indicates Southern rust…Hear more

Managing Prevent Plant Acres

When managing prevent plant acres, controlling weeds, such as marestail, giant ragweed and waterhemp, is critical. High rates of burndown herbicides and tillage should be used. Unchecked weeds will produce millions of viable seeds. Additionally, planting cover crops will support soil biology, providing a source of food for the microbes and prepare the field for 2020…Hear more

Identifying Frogeye Leaf Spot

Frogeye leaf spot resembles a few other diseases and soybean plant’s response to herbicide application may speckle the leaves, also mimicking the disease. Tan lesions with darker edges can indicate frogeye leaf spot. If the speckling is only on the lower, older leaves, the injury may be caused by herbicide burn…Hear more

In the News

Corteva Agriscience Lead Sponsor of Farming Simulator 19 Professional eSports League

Corteva Agriscience is collaborating with GIANTS Software to sponsor the inaugural season of its Farming Simulator League. The league will feature 14 events throughout the next year, starting at FarmCon 19 on July 27-28, and award more than $280,000 throughout the competition. Corteva has also been incorporated into Farming Simulator 19, with players having the ability to buy in-game branded items. 

“On the field and in the game, we strive to spark enthusiasm for the next generation of farming,” said Steve Betz, Global Brand Manager at Corteva Agriscience. “From gamers who love farming to future farmers that love gaming, we’re eager to join the vibrant Farming Simulator community and offer the opportunity to experience our products in the game.”…Read more.

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