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This year’s wet spring created planting challenges. Now, diseases and pests are affecting crop development. Pioneer agronomists help inform growers of pest problems in their area and how to manage them. 

This week’s briefs cover drought stress in corn, Physoderma brown spot and garden symphylan. 

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Crop Insights

Drought Stress in Corn

Rain delayed planting this spring. Now sporadic rain in July combined with high temperatures has created drought conditions in some regions. When a lack of moisture stresses corn, leaf rolling is common as a protective measure to reduce water loss…Hear more

Physoderma Brown Spot

Physoderma brown spot is a corn leaf disease that causes necrotic spots and dark spotting on the midrib. High moisture, humidity and heat create perfect conditions for brown spot development, and this trio has been abundant in parts of the Midwest…Hear more

Garden Symphylan

Garden symphylan, also known as garden centipedes, attack the roots of many crops and favor finely textured, heavy soil. High soil organic matter may also attract them. These white arthropods overwinter as eggs, hatch in spring and persist through the growing season. Adults are one-eighth- to one-quarter-inch long…Hear more

In the News

Corteva Agriscience Partners with National 4-H Council for Farmfluencer Contest

Corteva Agriscience teamed with the National 4-H Council, sponsoring a contest to educate and excite youth about the future of farming. The Farmfluencer contest invited youth to submit videos to inspire the next generation of farming and help them understand the role of innovation and technology in agriculture.

Contest winner Matthew Sperry is a fan of the way technology is changing and improving farming. “Using precision ag, I strive to achieve agriculture’s No. 1 goal which is to produce higher yields while using fewer chemicals at a lower cost to feed more people on the same amount of land,” he said. “Whether that is in South Dakota or Africa, we are all working to put food on the world’s table.”…Read more

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