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Local Pioneer agronomists are a rich source of agronomic knowledge for farmers. Thanks to modern technology, farmers can bring that knowledge to the field with the Pioneer® GrowingPoint® Agronomy app.

This week’s briefs include cold stress and emerging corn, hail damage, and using the GrowingPoint Agronomy app. 

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Crop Insights

Cold Stress and Emerging Corn

When corn is planted, seeds begin the process of absorbing available soil moisture to start the germination process. If that water is too cold in the first 24 to 72 hours, seedlings are at risk of chilling injury. Cold stress creates brittle cell walls that can lead to rupturing or deformity. As you check your corn, look for signs of stress emergence, which can limit stands…Hear more

Assessing Hail Damage

Hail can pose a real threat to crop yields, damaging or destroying plants in early growth stages. But damage may not be as bad as it appears. There are several field assessment techniques that will enable you to properly diagnose injury and determine whether corn or soybeans will bounce back…Hear more

Growing Point Agronomy App

Pioneer offers a free app filled with up-to-date agronomic information farmers need to succeed every season. From scouting bean leaf beetles to delayed planting management considerations, the GrowingPoint Agronomy app has you covered with all the agronomic information Pioneer is known for…Hear more

In the News

Accenture Collaborates with Corteva Agriscience on Pilot Program to Bring Technology Skills to Rural Iowa

Corteva Agriscience and Accenture recently announced a collaboration bringing together nonprofit groups, higher education organizations and government leaders to help individuals and educators in Jefferson, Iowa, acquire technology skills while remaining in their rural communities. 

The pilot program is designed to train students and educators in rural Jefferson – a community of 4,300 people 65 miles northwest of Des Moines – in high-demand, high-value software development technology skills. Starting in fall 2019, Corteva will fund 25 scholarships for students in Des Moines Area Community College’s computer languages program where they will receive computer science training…Read more.

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