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Use Record-breaking spring rains left U.S. corn planting at 83% complete, drastically lower than the 99% five-year average, according to the latest USDA report. This leaves millions of acres of corn to be planted in June and potentially millions of acres more to be replanted. Pioneer and its local agronomists are here to help farmers face these unprecedented challenges..

This week’s briefs include tips for June soybean planting, managing delayed corn growth and combating fallow syndrome. 

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Crop Insights

Tips for Planting Beans in June

Heading into the last two weeks of June, specific management strategies can help ensure the best results on later-planted soybeans. Narrowing row spacing helps make up for fewer branches on plants. This hastens canopy closure to intercept more light for the beans and reduce weed emergence. A 10% seeding increase can also produce more nodes and eventually yields…Hear more

Managing Delayed Corn Growth

The right management techniques can encourage speedy corn growth and help make up for delays due to late planting. One thing to consider is supplemental sulfur applications. Sulfur is a mobile nutrient and vulnerable to leeching in wet conditions. Sulfur deficiency will significantly impact corn growth…Hear more

Avoiding Fallow Syndrome

Fallow syndrome reduces the beneficial fungi and microbial life necessary for the uptake of phosphorous and zinc and is a concern in areas that recently experienced flooding. It often shows up the year after flooding if no crop is grown. Growing cereals or legumes is a good option to help fungi colonize soil and reduce weed pressures…Hear more

In the News

Corteva Agriscience Cultivates Consumer-Centric and 'Crops for Purpose' Market Approach

Corteva Agriscience recently completed its spinoff from DowDuPont and has entered the market as a company focused on the end consumer, separating it from the commodity-first focus of other agricultural companies. Corteva is working to build an open and ongoing dialogue between farmers and the consumer-packaged goods industry. 

“That connection to the consumer is something that everyone who works in agriculture aspires to, but we’re truly trying to provide opportunities to act as a conduit to that consumer,” said Doyle Karr, Director of Consumer Insights and Social License at Corteva. “Instead of growing a commodity crop, they’re growing a crop for purpose.” …Read more.

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