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Beyond providing timely agronomy information and top-shelf products, DuPont Pioneer is focused on its relationship with farmers. Community partnerships and sponsorships ensure the next generation of growers is ready to join the team. This week’s briefs cover a unique relationship between S.A.V.E. Farm and Pioneer, excellent June growing conditions, foliar fungicides and late-season weed control.

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In the News

S.A.V.E. Farm and Pioneer Work to Help Veterans

The Service member Agricultural Vocation Education (S.A.V.E.) Farm aims to bridge the gap between an aging population of American farmers with a new generation by providing returning service members with a mentorship and training to start their own farming operations. Pioneer is sponsoring a half-day workshop Friday, June 22. The farm, which began five years ago, already uses Pioneer® brand soybean products, DuPont Crop Protection herbicide and Encirca® services Satellite Imagery to provide training for the veterans. After completing their training at S.A.V.E., the veterans are then matched with mentor farmers with the potential to eventually work on and manage their own operation…Read more

Excellent June Conditions Keep Growing on Track

Mid-June has often presented a variety of troubles for growers throughout the Midwest, but not this June, says Andrew Ferrell with DuPont Pioneer.

“A lot of growers had time after they put the planters away to go back and do some side-dressing, so most of the fieldwork has been completed,” Ferrell said. “About the only thing to worry about is a strong storm with 80 mph wind. With corn growing so fast, we could see some brittle snap issues.”…Hear more

Crop Insights

Maximizing the Value of Foliar Fungicide

Over the span of only a few years, foliar fungicide treatments have progressed from a mostly new and untested practice to a trusted component of growers’ management systems. DuPont Pioneer research has shown that fungicides can be a very effective tool for managing foliar diseases and protecting yield but do not always result in an economic benefit to growers…See more

Dealing with Glyphosate Resistant Weeds

As glyphosate-tolerant crops have risen dramatically in the past 15 years, growers have increasingly relied on glyphosate for weed control and phased out or eliminated other herbicides altogether. With this near-total reliance on glyphosate for weed control, especially in soybeans, several weed species have developed glyphosate resistance and have become increasingly hard to control…Read more

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