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Use This year’s planting delays caused countless challenges. The crops that did get planted will continue to have hurdles to clear throughout the growing season. Tracking crop health, applying fungicides and deterring insects are all key for reaching maximum yields.

This week’s briefs include grape colaspis in soybeans, using drones to track crop health and the importance of fungicide application timing. 

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Crop Insights

Grape Colaspis in Soybeans

Grape colaspis is an intermittent pest many farmers have struggled with for the past 70 years, but about 15 years ago neonicotinoids largely dealt with the problem. Unchecked grape colaspis feeding can wreak havoc in soybean fields. While current seed treatments provide tremendous value, even in late-planted fields, the formulations of tomorrow are already underway…Hear more

Drone Scouting with Crop Health Imagery

Drones have immensely simplified and sped up crop scouting. Drones flying preprogrammed routes provide real-time updates on fields, so farmers can address critical issues. Early season nutrient deficiencies or weed problems can be identified and addressed quickly to preserve yields…Hear more

Fungicide Timing in Corn

Timing is critical for foliar fungicide applications in corn. Answers vary for perennial questions about whether or when to apply fungicides, but farmers should remember the end goal is to preserve leaf health at tasseling and silking. This allows plants to intercept and maximize the sunlight needed to produce high yields. Maximum leaf health at tasseling should be the priority…Hear more

In the News

Three FFA Chapters Named Finalists in Pioneer® brand A-Series Soybeans Big A Challenge

Three FFA chapters have been chosen as finalists in the Big A Challenge. Each chapter wins a cash prize and will have their statues prominently displayed at the 2019 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois. 

Judges selected the Mount Ayr FFA (Mount Ayr, Iowa), North Tama FFA (Traer, Iowa) and Wayne FFA (Corydon, Iowa) chapters as the top three finalists from 15 participating FFA chapters in Iowa and Illinois. The Big A Challenge teamed Pioneer and FFA to focus on the next generation of soybean varieties and the next generation of farmers. The winners, to be announced on Aug. 28 at the Farm Progress Show, will receive $2,500 for first place, $1,500 for second and $1,000 for third…Read more.

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