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Heavy rains and strong storms continue to plague much of the Corn Belt. These warmer, yet soggy conditions have many farmers wondering about their crops. Pioneer agronomists are available to help guide decision-making during this difficult situation.

This week’s briefs cover stink bug infestations, soybean seed treatments and switching corn maturities. 

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The Problem with Stink Bugs

Many farmers have noted heavy stink bug infestations in their fields, barns and even houses. Do high levels of stink bugs now mean they will be a problem all season? The answer is probably yes, but it’s too early to treat. For now, scouting and monitoring are the best strategies. Stink bug populations were high last year, so it’s no surprise to see them again this season since cold winters don’t have much effect on them…Hear more

Should We Still Treat Soybeans?

When we think about the advantages of seed treatment, we think about cold, saturated soils. Delays due to a wet spring have eliminated cold from the equation, but there is just as much advantage in warm, wet soils and we have plenty of those…Hear more

Switching Corn Maturities

As planting delays continue, the temptation to switch hybrids can be strong. Yet, the later we plant, the fewer growing degree units are required for maturity. This reduction largely negates switching to an earlier maturing hybrid. It’s almost like Mother Nature is shortening those hybrid maturities for us…Hear more

In the News

Corteva AgriscienceTM Participates in Bernstein’s 35th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference

James C. Collins Jr., Chief Executive Officer-elect of Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, presented at Bernstein’s 35th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference May 30 in New York City. During the conference, Collins provided a detailed view of the dynamic U.S. market situation as well as an update on planting progress in the U.S.…Read more 

A replay of the presentation and presentation materials are available here.

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