News Briefs March 12, 2018


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Growers always say every season is different. There are changing variables, weather patterns, pests and more, but DuPont Pioneer is always looking to eliminate variables and improve yields. This week’s briefs cover the re-launch of the SCN coalition to combat the yield-robbing soybean pest, improving corn emergence, finding a hybrid’s sweet spot and more.

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In the News

SCN Coalition Re-Launches to Beat No. 1 Yield-Robbing Soybean Pest

The Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) Coalition was formed to help the agricultural industry speak with one voice about SCN management. The coalition has been relaunched after a 20-year hiatus—thanks in part to funding from partners such as DuPont Pioneer—to educate farmers about SCN resistance…Read more

Get Better Corn Emergence in Variable Fields

Stirling Stewart, a University of Missouri crop, soil and pest management graduate student, in collaboration with DuPont Pioneer, set up a research project looking at the impact of planting depth, seeding rates and starter fertilizer on plant emergence in these two different soil types in a conventional tillage operation…Read more

Crop Insights

Former All-Pro Linebacker Chad Greenway Talks Crops

Chad Greenway, former Iowa Hawkeye and All-Pro linebacker, recently joined DuPont Pioneer field agronomists Josh Shofner and Brian Buck to discuss variety selection and field planning. “When it comes to corn and soybeans, what are the three or four things on my operation that can influence yield? I always say that if it is predictable it is preventable and that all starts with variety selection,” Shofner said …Hear more

Every Hybrid Has A Sweet Spot

Pioneer® GrowingPoint® Agronomy cooperators conduct more than 1,000 trials every year, many focused on the characterization of corn hybrids relative to performance on different soil environments.

Prior to planting, growers should make sure to place the right hybrid on the right field at the right seeding rate in order to maximize return on the seed investment. DuPont Pioneer’s Planting Rate Estimator is a great tool for deciding seeding rates…Read more

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