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For generations, farmers have had a keen sense of what practices work well for their operation. Now, thanks to powerful agronomic tools from Pioneer, they can leverage their seasonal data to find actionable insights to achieve the best outcomes.

This week, we’re featuring one of those tools, Granular® InsightsTM, and looking at planter maintenance and the anatomy of a corn kernel.

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Economic Effects of Agronomic Decisions

Granular® InsightsTM, a free new tool, lets farmers visualize the economic effect of their agronomic decisions on every acre of their operation. The app integrates field and operational data with satellite imagery, providing insights about field-level profitability, crop health and return on investment from seed decisions…Hear more

Checking Planters for Worn Parts

Seed tubes are high-wear items that should be checked regularly. Other commonly worn parts are the gauge wheel arm bushing, disc openers and closing till piece bushings. These items are easy to overlook, but should be checked before planting begins…Hear more

Corn Kernel Anatomy

A corn kernel is an amazing and complex tiny machine made up of three primary parts: the pericarp, endosperm and embryo. The pericarp, or the seed coat, protects the kernel as it develops. Inside the endosperm, different types of starch provide fuel for the embryo, which is the microscopic corn plant, including the first five or six leaves…Hear more


Corteva Agriscience Challenges Bayer for Soybean Market in 2020 with Enlist E3TM Soybeans

Farmers like Ron Heck in Perry, Iowa, are driving a big change in the soybean industry landscape as they plan to go all-in on Enlist E3TM soybeans. While Bayer projects its 2020 soybean plantings will stay flat at 50 million acres, 66% of the American crop last year, Corteva expects its Enlist E3 seed to make up 20% of the U.S. crop in 2020, the first year it has been widely available. The transgenic soybean event in Enlist E3 soybeans is jointly developed and owned by Dow AgroSciences LLC and MS Technologies LLC.

Five independent dealers, including Stine Seeds, one of the largest independent dealers, noted strong sales of Corteva’s new seeds. Enlist E3 accounted for 20% to 33% of Stine’s soybean sales for this spring, putting it on track to meet or top Corteva’s January estimate of 20%…Read more


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