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Farming is a careful balance of risk and reward. Farmers are always seeking ways of maximizing yield while minimizing expenses and potential threats. The new Pioneer Seeds app brings the best agronomic information right to farmers' fields, helping them achieve those goals. This week we look at chilling and flooding injuries, the importance of early season weed control, and 2020 best planting practices.

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Crop Insights

Diagnosing Chilling and Flooding Injury

Over time, corn planting dates have moved earlier due to lengthening of the frost-free season, improved stress tolerance of newer corn hybrids and the desire to avoid yield-reducing planting delays. Earlier plantings increase the risk of seed and seedling injuries from low temperatures and adverse weather conditions. Flooding can also threaten seedling emergence and survival...Read more

Importance of Early Season Weed Control

In the case of weed control, it’s best to stay ahead of the problem before it accelerates and threatens yield. Small weeds are easier to control, and young weeds absorb and translocate herbicides better. Herbicides are also less effective in higher temperatures and during drought conditions, which become more likely later in the season..Read more

Best Practices for 2020 Planting

Solid fundamentals start a season out right. Seed treatments and minimizing compaction are two practices proven to promote a solid start and increase yield. Seed treatments can protect seeds and minimize replants. Heavily compacted soil can reduce yield as much as a multi-week planting delay...Hear more 

In the News

Corteva Agriscience and AgPlenus Announce Collaboration for the Development of Novel Herbicides

Corteva Agriscience and AgPlenus, a subsidiary of Evogene Ltd., recently announced a multiyear collaboration to develop novel herbicides. The collaboration will combine Corteva’s strengths in crop protection product discovery and development with AgPlenus’ expertise in designing effective and sustainable crop protection products using predictive biology.

“Weed resistance presents a serious challenge for today’s farmers,” said Neal Gutterson, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Corteva Agriscience. “So much has changed since the last modes of action were identified in the early 1990s. It’s time to find new solutions; our collaboration with AgPlenus positions us well to do that.”  Read more

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