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Planting season is on every farmers mind now that the days are getting longer. Pioneer agronomists continue to help farmers' make the best choices in an uncertain world, while the new Pioneer Seeds App provides a virtual agronomist right in their pocket. This week we’re covering stabilizers for nitrogen, scouting wheat and nematicide seed treatments. 

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Nitrogen Stabilizers

Nitrogen is one of the most expensive and volatile inputs. For growers concerned about rain or other conditions washing away their investment, nitrogen stabilizers like N-Serve® and Instinct® can conserve pre-plant anhydrous for when corn needs it most…Hear more

Wheat Scouting

Wheat has a primary tiller, which is why farmers plant high populations to maximize tiller numbers. Secondary tillers may appear during fall and spring that provide additional yield. If wheat is questionable or was planted late in the season, scouting will indicate whether the crop needs additional nitrogen…Hear more

Nematicide Seed Treatment

Nematodes are a threat to corn yields throughout the Corn Belt. Pioneer research has shown that biologicals applied to corn seed can provide up to 80 days of protection against yield-robbing parasitic nematodes during the most vulnerable growth stages…Hear more


Sorghum Yield Champs Discuss the Secrets to Their Success with Pioneer® Brand Sorghum

It’s no secret that Pioneer dominated the National Sorghum Producers Yield Contest in 2019. Three champion farmers gathered at the Pioneer booth during Commodity Classic to discuss their secrets to success and why Pioneer is a winning product. Panelists were Michael Ball of Canyon, Idaho, Ki Gamble of Greensburg, Kansas, and Tom Krull from White Pigeon, Michigan.

Ball earned second place in the irrigated, tillage category in the western U.S., with a 203.08 bu/A-entry using Pioneer® hybrid 85Y40. Gamble achieved a yield of 194.99 bu/A on dryland, no-till fields with Pioneer® hybrid 85P44, good for first place in the dryland-no till west division. Krull grew 178.59 bu/A with Pioneer® hybrid 87P06, earning second place in the irrigated-tillage category, eastern division.

“We don’t treat our contest acres any different than the rest of the farm. Our goal is to produce bushels, at a fair and appropriate expense to get those bushels,” explained Gamble. “You only get one chance to plant a seed. Once you plant it, it’s gone.”…Read more

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