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Planting continues to inch forward throughout the Midwest, but challenges continue for farmers. Pioneer agronomists are in the field, helping farmers get the best results for their operations.

This week’s briefs include preplant anhydrous injury, replanting and soybean seed treatments with late planting. 

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Crop Insights

Preplant Anhydrous Injury

Separating anhydrous applications from planting is a good way to prevent seedling injuries. With wet conditions delaying planting, farmers can’t always space out the application and planting by the recommended five to seven days. Fortunately, management techniques can minimize the risk of seedling injury…Hear more

Corn Replant Decisions

Replanting corn is never an easy decision, but if stands aren’t emerging uniformly, the risk of reduced yields may outweigh replanting costs. Taking multiple stand counts is important when assessing emergence, yield potential and whether replanting is necessary. Drones can be a powerful tool to map fields…Hear more

Soybean Seed Treatment and Late Planting

Soybean growers facing planting delays may wonder whether seed treatments are still necessary. Even when planting in warmer soils, full treatment plans are often worthwhile investments, protecting against both fungi and soybean cyst nematodes. Winter annuals like purple dead nettle can harbor SCN…Hear more

In the News

Corteva Agriscience Donates Grain Rescue Tubes to Rural Communities

Having the proper rescue tools and training can be the difference between life and death as first responders rush to save someone trapped in a grain bin. Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, is equipping communities with lifesaving tools by donating 21 grain rescue tubes to fire departments nationwide…Read more

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