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Weather-weary farmers are eager for sunshine, but those rays can be also be deadly. Sun protection is essential for farmers and ag professionals who spend a lot of time outside.

This week’s briefs cover sun safety, why corn might be yellow, splitting water between corn and cotton, and the launch of the #ProudToBeAFarmer campaign. 

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Crop Insights

Sun Safety and Skin Cancer Prevention and Detection

Farmers and agriculture specialists spend hours outside, exposed to the sun’s UV rays. UV exposure accounts for roughly 90% of skin cancer. Protective clothing and sunscreen are the best forms of prevention. The foundation skin cancer of detection is self-examination and knowing the ABCs of melanoma…Hear more

Why is Your Corn Yellow?

Driving down the highway, you might notice that corn between the V1 and V3 growth stages is yellow. But why is that? Is residual herbicide in the soil causing yellow corn? Is there a drift from a neighboring field? Was anhydrous strip tilled into the field? Was the starter program high in salt? Or is it weather-related? A final determination requires digging up and evaluating the roots of the corn plant…Hear more

Splitting Water Between Corn and Cotton

In recent years, some Texas growers have started to plant half of their field to cotton and the other half to corn. This management strategy helps control diseases and pests and even provides some residue for the cotton crop. The trick comes in managing center pivot irrigation for both crops…Hear more

In the News

Pioneer Launches #ProudToBeAFarmer Campaign

Since 1926, Pioneer has worked side by side with American farmers, providing the best seed genetics and agronomic insights. Pioneer is proud to be an American business and recently announced the launch of its #ProudToBeAFarmer campaign to celebrate the nation’s farmers and everything they do for this country. 

From Memorial Day through the Fourth of July, Pioneer invites American farmers to go to and submit photos or videos explaining why they are proud to be farmers. Participants will be featured on Pioneer social media channels and weekly winners will be chosen throughout the campaign, with an overall winner named at the conclusion.

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