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Harvest is complete for many growers, but those with crops still in the field must give serious thought to managing cold weather and potential yield loss. This week’s briefs cover measuring combine corn loss, maintaining corn grain quality and managing frost-damaged soybeans. 

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Crop Insights

Measuring Combine Corn Loss

During harvest, it is not uncommon to see corn kernels spin off into the field. Pioneer Field Agronomist Joe Ailts demonstrates a simple, easy way to measure corn lost during harvest. This method gives growers a quick kernel count to determine the loss, with every 20 kernels in a 10 square foot area representing around one bu/A lost…Hear more

Maintaining Corn Grain Quality Through Harvest and Drying

Corn grain quality is determined by several factors, including hybrid selection, growing conditions, harvest practices and drying operations. Other than growing conditions, these factors can be controlled by the grower. Grain drying is critical to maintaining quality. High-temperature drying results in stress cracks in the kernel…Read more

Managing Frost-Damaged Soybeans

Soybean plant tissue is more tolerant to freezing temperatures than many other crops. However, freezing temperatures can still damage leaves and extended periods of sub 32°F weather can damage stems, pods and seeds. If soybeans have been frosted prior to maturity, combine settings may have to be adjusted to minimize harvest losses…Read more

In the News

Pioneer® Brand Corn Hybrids Record Best Overall Yields in History

Farmers across the U.S. are harvesting the highest ever overall yields for Pioneer® brand corn hybrids, despite variable and unexpected weather conditions through the 2018 season. Multiple products delivered double-digit yield advantages over the competition due to a strengthened testing and screening process as well as continued investment in research…Read more

Record Number of Farmers Planting Pioneer® brand A-Series Soybeans Celebrate 100 Bushel Beans

Pioneer® brand A-Series soybean growers set a new Pioneer record for 100 bu/A yields for 2018. The elusive 100-bushel yield ceiling was broken more than 50 times in on-farm trials across the United States. The previous record was set in 2016 when 15 Pioneer brand varieties broke the 100-bushel mark in on-farm plots…Read more

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