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Snow has fallen in much of the Corn Belt, and 2020 planning has begun. Pioneer agronomists continue to advise farmers on the latest agronomic trends, disease and pest control options, and management techniques that can take a growing season from good to great. 

This week’s briefs cover corn residue, checking bins through winter and winter cover crops. 

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Crop Insights

Managing Corn Residue

The amount of corn residue remaining in the spring has increased in recent years. Higher plant populations, reduced tillage and foliar fungicides, which result in cornstalks that resist decomposition, contribute to the excess residue. Corn residue management begins at harvest with uniform distribution of chaff and stalks behind the combine and continues through planting. Improper corn residue management can create stand establishment issues come spring…Read more

Checking Bins through Winter

Stored grain should be checked at least every two weeks through winter. This allows farmers to assess the grain’s condition and catch emerging problems before they cause spoilage…Read more

Selecting and Managing Winter Cover Crops

Cover crops are best viewed as a long-term investment in soil productivity. While some cover crop benefits stand out in particular management situations or years, most are realized over time. Specific cover crop benefits depend on the species and growing environment. Selecting the right cover crop begins by identifying the specific functions the cover crop will provide…Read more

In the News

Pioneer® Brand Corn and Soybean Products Continue to Set Records

Pioneer® brand corn and soybean product yields across the country continue to set records thanks to rigorous research and testing programs. Despite what may be the most challenging growing season in recent history in terms of weather, yields from Pioneer brand corn and soybeans continue trending up.

The Corn Revolution is translating into high yields across the country. In more than 8,000 on-farm comparisons, the top 40 Pioneer brand corn products by demand delivered a 6.1 bu/A average yield advantage over the competition. This tops the record performance of 2018 and demonstrates the consistently high performance of the Pioneer lineup.

Pioneer® brand A-Series soybeans continue to give farmers industry-leading yield performance, boasting a 2.4 bu/A average yield advantage against the competition in nearly 4,500 on-farm comparisons, winning 69% of the time. A-Series soybeans continue to reach the 100 bu/A threshold, with 93 farmers exceeding the mark in 2018 and 2019…Read more

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