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Agronomy is always evolving. Each season brings new technology, management practices and products to consider. Pioneer continues to lead the way, helping growers make the right decisions for their operation. This week’s media briefs cover the benefits of rye cover crops, minimizing soil compaction, and fall potassium and phosphorus management. 

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Crop Insights

Benefits of Winter Rye as a Cover Crop

Winter rye provides a strong root system to enhance soil health and increase organic matter in the soil. A large portion of the organic matter left by a cover crop is root material. A rye cover crop improves water retention throughout the fall and winter…Hear more

Wet Harvest = Soil Compaction

Wet harvest conditions increased the risk and severity of soil compaction. To minimize compactions, growers should minimize their travel patterns on waterlogged fields and to be aware of grain cart weight. Axle loads greater than 10 tons can result in compaction two to three feet deep regardless of tires or tracks…Hear more

Fall Potassium and Phosphorus Management

Post-harvest is an ideal time for growers to schedule soil tests or review tests conducted in the last two to three years. Crop nutrient removal rates for potassium and phosphorous can be calculated using formulas provided by Iowa State Extension, based on total crop yield…Hear more

In the News

Researchers Look to Unlock More Nitrogen Efficient Crops

With support from Pioneer, researchers at the University of California, Davis and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory are working to discover how plant roots take up and metabolize nitrogen, the key nutrient in plant growth and crop yield. Focusing on the genes that enable nitrogen metabolism, they are working to create more efficient plants…Read more

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