News Briefs October 16, 2017


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As growers focus on harvest and ways to improve their practices for 2018, DuPont Pioneer is right there with them. This week’s briefs provide advice for getting the most out of your yield data, best practices for fall applied nitrogen, efforts to improve CRISPR-Cas and recent breakthroughs for wheat breeding.

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Researchers Identify Gene to Help Hybrid Wheat Breeding

Australian researchers at the University of Adelaide, in collaboration with DuPont Pioneer, have identified a naturally occurring wheat gene that, when turned off, eliminates self-pollination but still allows cross-pollination. This discovery opens the way for breeding high-yielding hybrid wheats.

“This identified pollination gene is the key step and could dramatically increase the efficiency of hybrid wheat seed production,” said Marc Albertsen, research director, DuPont Pioneer…Read more

DuPont Pioneer and CasZyme Work to Advance CRISPR-Cas

DuPont Pioneer and CasZyme, a startup company in Vilnius, Lithuania, recently announced that they have entered into a multiyear collaboration to identify and characterize novel CRISPR-Cas nuclei. The goal of the collaboration is to provide CRISPR researchers with additional tools for gene editing across all applications.

“This is an important step forward in our efforts to discover, develop and make available unique tools for gene editing to the global scientific community,” said Neal Gutterson, vice president, Research & Development for DuPont Pioneer…Read more

Crop Insights Best Practices for Fall Nitrogen Applications

Ensuring a season-long supply of nitrogen is critical for growers to maximize their yields. For many growers, this means planning fall nitrogen applications. But — what is the best way to manage them correctly?

To get the most out of a fall nitrogen application, growers should wait until soil temperatures remain below 50°F and avoid applying nitrogen to sandy or other leachable soils…Read more

Tips for Getting Good Yield Data

High-quality, actionable yield data is hard to come by. Here are a few things to consider when comparing hybrids this fall.

Make sure to compare hybrids and practices in the same field with the same planting date, fertility, weed and pest control, tillage, and previous crop. Also, compare hybrids of similar maturity…Read more

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