News Briefs October 2, 2017


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Use Growers are measuring yields and making decisions for 2018. This week’s briefs cover improvements in soybean yields, conditions for a big corn harvest, managing grain moisture for dividends and weed management. 

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Pioneer In the News

Pioneer Soybeans Mark Step-Change Improvement

Soybean technology has come a long way in helping farmers maximize yields. Troy Putnam, a DuPont Pioneer account manager, told Brownfield Ag Newsthat growers have more soybean options than ever before, including the new Pioneer® brand A-Series soybeans. 

“We’re seeing a 2- to 2.3-bushel-per-acre advantage [with A-Series],” he said…Read more

Are Big Corn Yields Really Out There?

Many farmers are skeptical of the yield estimates forecasted by the United States Department of Agriculture, but as results start to come in, opinions may change. 

Mary Gumz, a DuPont Pioneer product agronomist, says corn in Northwest Indiana has had ideal weather for pollination. 

“We had cool nights that allowed the plants to rest, then sunny days in the mid-80s, and that was ideal for producing good yields,” she said…Read more

Crop Insights

Managing Grain Moisture May Make You More Money

Profitability of corn production is determined by a number of factors. With harvest in full swing, the top concerns are yield and moisture. Harvest losses can be minimized by harvesting wetter corn, but at what cost? Finding the balance between drying economics and yield retained is crucial for getting the biggest return on investment…Read more

Get a Head Start on Weed Management

Fall is the perfect time to get a head start on weed control for winter and spring annuals. As growers shift to reduced tillage practices, weed control shifts more to winter annuals, such as Marestail and Kochia, which would normally be controlled by tillage. By making fall herbicide applications in no-till fields, many of these weeds can be controlled early…Read more

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