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“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” In the spirit of this adage, Corteva Agriscience launched the Corteva Agriscience Climate Positive Challenge to connect farmers engaging in climate-positive activities with local environmental groups, universities and other ag organizations to broaden and enhance their efforts. 

This week’s briefs cover fall frost damage in corn, spongy corncobs and harvesting wind-damaged corn. 

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Crop Insights

Fall Frost in Corn

Late planting coupled with wet conditions have delayed harvest in many areas. An early frost can have serious consequences for corn crops. Corn leaf tissue can be killed in just a few hours of near-freezing temperatures and in even less time at temperatures below 32. If temperatures reach 28, corn plants shut down, killing the stalk. It’s important to wait a few days after a frost to accurately assess the damage…Hear more

Managing Spongy Corn through Harvest

Spongy cobs can be especially challenging to harvest. When ears die prematurely, the milk line doesn’t reach the end of the kernel and the cob can be spongy and difficult to harvest. Four combine adjustments — slowing the rotor, tightening the sieves, reducing the fan speed and increasing ground speeds — help reduce excess cob in the grain when harvesting spongy cobs…Hear more

Best Practices for Harvesting Wind-Damaged Corn

Strong winds have been prevalent across the Midwest recently. Harvesting wind-damaged corn can be challenging, but here are some best practices for getting the most from the field: ...

    • Reduce the combine speed and experiment with the head speed to find what works best.
    • Adjust the tilt on the feeder house throat to level the head. Some combine manufacturers have a wedge kit available to level the head.
    • Consider running gathering chains together rather than opposite of each other if more aggressive gathering is needed, but watch for rocky conditions…Read more

In the News

Corteva Agriscience to Create Challenge Grants to Advance Climate Positive

AgricultureDuring the World Food Prize, Corteva Agriscience announced a $500,000 commitment to create the Corteva Agriscience Climate Positive Challenge to catalyze a movement toward climate-positive agriculture. The grant program launches next year and rewards efforts that offset carbon emissions and protect the environment while sustaining farms and farmers. These grants will provide financial rewards to farmers who are advancing innovative climate-positive practices for collaborating with local environmental groups, universities, growers or others in the ag value chain to help scale the effort beyond their own acres.

“We understand the challenges farmers around the world are facing as it relates to trade, policy and weather challenges,” said Jim Collins, Chief Executive Officer of Corteva Agriscience. “These reasons are our primary drivers for announcing this now - to provide incentives for those farmers that have a keen eye for scaling their practices.”…Read more

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