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The season doesn’t end with harvest, as growers remain in the field working on fall fertility, tillage and other post-harvest tasks with the help of Pioneer’s field agronomy team. This week’s media briefs cover temporarily storing corn grain, Dectes stem borer and post-harvest fall tillage setup. 

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Temporarily Storing Corn Grain

Existing grain storage capacity may not always be sufficient to contain the volume of corn harvested. This results in many growers seeking temporary storage structures as a solution. Grain quality cannot improve in storage — it can only diminish. For that reason, good initial grain quality is key to maintaining quality throughout the storage period, especially in temporary structures…Read more

Dectes Stem Borer

Plants that snap off at the soil surface during harvest may be affected by Dectes stem borer, a relatively new pest that lays eggs in the leaf petiole or the stem. Once larvae hatch, larvae feed for several days on the outer stem before they bore into the main stem…Hear more

Post-Harvest Tillage Setup

Post-harvest tillage operations are beginning and proper equipment setup is critical to success. Growers should begin by leveling their machine front-to-back and then side-to-side and keep an eye on depth and speed during tillage…Hear more

In the News

DowDuPont Paints Picture of Ag Spin-Out, Corteva AgriscienceTM, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont

DowDuPont provided a detailed look at the scope of its agriculture spin-out Corteva Agriscience, expected to take place June 1, 2019. The newly-formed ag company plans to launch 21 seed and crop protection products between 2018 and 2021, according to Corteva Agriscience Chief Executive Officer James Collins. 

“Our strategy is to combine our proven innovation capabilities with our unmatched customer access to provide farmers with a portfolio of products and services that optimize yield and profitability, while improving environmental sustainability,” Collins said…Read more

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