News Briefs October 30, 2017


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DuPont Pioneer is always striving to advance the ag industry, whether it be through outstanding genetics or innovations in management. Read about a collaboration with WinField United to offer phytophthora protection, the success of small farms with a focus on science and more in this week’s briefs.

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Pioneer In the News

DuPont Collaborates with WinField United to Offer Phytophthora Protection

WinField United and DuPont announced Oct. 25 that Winfield is offering DuPont™ Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatment in its United States retail locations effective immediately.

Lumisena, which provides the most advanced seed-applied technology to help control phytophthora, will be offered with other WinField United seed treatment products. 

According to trials, Lumisena has been shown to enhance vigor and emergence, improve yield by 1.7 bu/acre in the presence of phytophthora and improve crop stand…Read more

DuPont Pioneer, CHS Announce 2018 High Oleic Soybean Contracting Program

CHS Processing and Food Ingredients will offer production contracts for Pioneer® brand Plenish® high oleic soybeans for 2018 production in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. This is the second year CHS is contracting soybeans at its Fairmont, Minnesota, plant…Read more

Biotechnology Advocates Argue Science Vital for Small Farm Livelihood

The success of the small farmer is permanently intertwined with science, and the misconceptions regarding biotechnology and genetic engineering can hinder progress.

Jim Gaffney, global regulatory strategy lead of DuPont Pioneer, said that subsistence living is sometimes romanticized, but the reality is that technology makes farming a more sustainable profession…Read more

Is the Pace of Ag Productivity Growing Fast Enough?

The Global Harvest Initiative said in its annual report that, while the rate of ag productivity growth is increasing, it isn’t accelerating fast enough to keep up with the growing and more affluent global population.

Doyle Karr, a DuPont Pioneer employee and the chair of the GHI board, said that while there is a current surplus of commodities, it is a longer-term challenge.

“We know in the ag community you can go from surplus down to needing more,” Karr said. “The focus of this is to take the long-term view and say, ‘What do we need to be investing in over the long term?’”…Read more

Crop Insights

Managing Fall Residue

To help ensure uniform stands for 2018, farmers should start work now. Residue management should begin at harvest and continue with fall tillage, as 5–10 percent more corn residue is decomposed in fall tillage versus spring…Read more

Making Fall Fertility Decisions

A strong fertility program requires a complete plan, and with today’s technology, growers are able to know exactly what is needed to produce strong yields. Programs like Encirca® Fertility service can help operations make decisions to maximize crop production within a fall fertility budget…Read more

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