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Mother Nature won’t let up this season, leaving many growers with a series of choices that impact yield. Pioneer’s agronomists are out working with and advising growers, helping them achieve their best possible yields. This week’s media briefs cover late-season plant management, nitrogen applications during a wet season and finding black dust in corn fields. 

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Late-Season Plant Management

Nearing the home stretch, torrential downpours halted harvest for the past week in much of the Midwest. A few management practices are showing positive returns for growers. Late-season nitrogen applications have caused yield bumps and increased consistency throughout the field…Hear more

Nitrogen Applications During A Wet Growing Season

Recent Pioneer field trials looked at the effects of in-season nitrogen applications on corn yields. Corn in the control group experienced significant nitrogen stress and tipback. The treatments provided a 33 bu/A advantage at a cost of about $30 per acre…Hear more

Finding Black Dust on the Combine

Some growers have noticed black dust collecting on the sides of their combine while rolling through the fields this harvest. This collection of dust is saprophytic fungi, an opportunistic fungus that comes into fields and feeds on the dead or dying corn. In areas that have seen diseases such as gray leaf spot come in late, combined with warmer than normal temperatures, this fungus has thrived…Hear more

In the News

Registration Opens for the Big A Challenge, Sponsored by Pioneer® brand A-Series Soybeans

Registration is now open for the Big A Challenge! Iowa and Illinois FFA chapters have until Oct. 26, 2018, to submit their application, essay and proposed design. Fifteen chapters will be selected to compete in the Big A Challenge — which will culminate at the 2019 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill. — for a chance to win up to $2,500 for their chapter. The 15 chapters will decorate seven-foot-tall Big A statues, highlighting Pioneer® brand A-Series soybeans cutting-edge science and game-changing yield potential…Read more here and here

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