News Briefs September 10, 2018


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Rain, rain go away; at least until after harvest. It has been an exceptionally wet few weeks across the Midwest, slowing down many growers hoping to harvest in early September. This week’s media briefs cover soybean lodging, weed and insect control, shifting SCN resistance and AcreFLEX.

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Crop Insights

Rainfall Leads to Soybean Lodging

Growers are excited about the great growing conditions throughout much of the Midwest, but recent rains have put a damper on that. Tall soybean plants have been pushed down, or “squatted,” by recent heavy rains and could result in lodging come harvest time…Hear more

Weed Control Influences on Insect Populations

Can inadequate control of weeds, such as ragweed and waterhemp, result in increased insect pressure? These species of weeds emit pollen, which are fed upon by corn rootworms, allowing them to produce viable eggs for next year…Hear more

Shifting Soybean Cyst Nematode Resistance

The industry standard for Soybean Cyst Nematode, or SCN, resistance has been PI88788, but over the past five years, Pioneer Field Agronomist Mitch Montgomery says he’s been seeing a shift to Peking varieties…Hear more

In the News

New Pioneer Line Provides Option to Plant Fewer Seeds

AcreFLEX, Pioneer’s new designation to certain corn hybrid lines, is designed to help growers reduce input costs. These products achieve competitive yields while planting 10 percent fewer seeds. The products have flex ears that allow the hybrids to take full advantage of the extra room they receive with lower populations, thereby creating longer, fuller ears…Read more

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