News Briefs September 11, 2017


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As the season turns toward harvest, so is attention to the 2018 season. This week’s briefs discuss how hybrid selection can make a difference, the shift away from trans fats in soybeans and more. 

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How Hybrid Selection Pays Off

Laura Blomme, an account manager for DuPont Pioneer in southeast Iowa, says the right products can improve stalk quality and roots, limit diseases and much more. 

“Consistency is so important,” Bloome said. “We know no two years are the same. We’re going to face different challenges every year.”…Read more

Trans Fat is (Almost) Out of Your Food

Partially hydrogenated oils, the main source of artificial trans fat and a staple of the American food industry, are finally being pushed out in favor of healthier alternatives. In 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that food makers had three years to completely remove partially hydrogenated oils from their products, and the soybean industry is ready to meet demands. 

Pioneer brand Plenish® high oleic soybean oil has lowered the amount of saturated fat in soybean oil by 20 percent and raised the omega-9 fatty acids to rival that of olive oil…Read more

Crop Insights

Assessing Corn Silage Harvest Timing

While optimal silage should not be too dry, harvesting too early can cause lost tonnage and starch, lowering a producer’s milk per acre, according Kurt Afdahl, sales rep with DuPont Pioneer. Watching the milk line, along with whole plant moisture analysis can help maximize returns…Hear more

Drought Stress Symptoms in Soybeans

If you’re in an area experiencing drought stress, be sure to keep an eye on your soybeans for spider mites and be prepared to take control measures as populations increase. Other insects can also be problematic as could other issues like charcoal rot or green stem syndrome. This article from the drought of 2012 highlights several key reminders…Read more

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