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With corn and soybeans drying down and farmers preparing for harvest, Pioneer field agronomists continue to consult with farmers end-of-season needs and planning for #Plant20.

This week’s briefs cover crazy top fungal infection, seeding winter wheat and evaluating stalk integrity.

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Crop Insights

Crazy Top Fungal Infection

Crazy top is a fungal disease that develops when soils have been saturated 24 to 48 hours after corn planting. This aptly named fungus causes a hormonal imbalance that initiates the proliferation of leafy tissues in the ears and tassels, resulting in the crazy top…Hear more Seeding Winter Wheat

Planting winter wheat while air and soil temperatures are still warm is ideal. Warmer conditions speed emergence and provide a greater opportunity for the wheat to develop tillers and a strong root system going into the winter…Hear more

Determining Late Season Stalk Health

As corn reaches black layer and begins drydown, stalk integrity is a major concern in some fields. The push test is a common method for checking stalk integrity, but the pinch test may better measure overall stalk health. At five random points throughout the field, pinch the two nodes right above the soil on 20 plants in a row. If several plants squish or feel like plastic foam, that field should be labeled for early harvest…Hear more

In the News

Corteva Agriscience Presents Mid-Term Financial Targets at 32nd Annual Credit Suisse Basic Materials Conference

Rajan Gajaria, Executive Vice President, Business Platforms, Corteva Agriscience, discussed updated mid-term financial targets at the 32nd Annual Credit Suisse Basic Materials Conference Sept. 11, 2019. The presentation covered strategic advantages across the company’s segments and expanded on key drivers expected to accelerate growth.

A replay of the event is available on the Corteva Investor Relations Website.

Read more here.

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