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It’s an irony many growers have experienced: a great start to the season can be as much a curse as a blessing. The same early-season conditions that position crops for a great yield make them vulnerable to later stressors when their energy needs peak. This week’s media briefs cover soybean waterhemp control, corn development and stalk assessment, and preparing for an early harvest.

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Crop Insights

Preparing for an Early Corn Harvest

Corn crops are maturing ahead of schedule compared to last year and are already reaching the black layer in many areas. The warm weather forecasted will cause drydown to occur quickly once maturity is reached, which will set growers up for an early harvest. Scouting should remain on the to-do list to help create a harvest schedule to stay avoid of stalk lodging…Hear more

Corn Development and Stalk Assessment

Pioneer Field Agronomist Ryan Bates demonstrates how to assess ear development and stalks when walking corn fields before harvest. Environmental stressors and nutrient deficiencies due to heavy rain have allowed stalk rots to invade some fields…Hear more

Soybean Waterhemp Control

Waterhemp was an issue in many fields this year, and the key to controlling it next season begins with farmers evaluating their current herbicide program. Waterhemp has a long germination period — from early May through July — which makes it difficult to control throughout the season…Hear more

In the News

Heavy Rains Hit Fields Ready for Harvest

Tropical storm Gordon, one of the many extreme weather events Mother Nature has dealt, dropped as much as six inches of rain on parts of central and southern Indiana a week ago. Bill Meacham with Pioneer is concerned about the stalk quality in many fields.

“We are urging growers to harvest their crops as soon as they can get back into the fields. The lack of growing degree days we had in August, in combination with diseases, has weakened many stalks.”…Read more

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