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Pioneer is more than just an agriculture company selling products to farmers nationwide. It has invested in local communities, building relationships to strengthen local farms and educate and excite the next generation of farmers. 

This week’s briefs cover corn ear rot, drone technology and tar spot. 

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Crop Insights

Conditions for Corn Ear Rot

A series of environmental conditions have predisposed many fields to higher-than-average ear rot growth. First, heavy spring rains delayed planting and July brought high temperatures with little moisture. More heavy rain in August helped the disease proliferate…Hear more

Field Health Evaluation with Drone Technology

Harvest is approaching for many farmers and there are many tools designed to monitor field health. Drones provide real-time imagery for the entire field and can be programmed to fly predetermined flight patterns, highlight areas of low plant health and pinpoint field-scouting locations…Hear more

Identifying Tar Spot in Corn

Tar spot is a relatively new fungal disease, only discovered in 2015 in Indiana and Illinois. A significant outbreak in 2018 damaged yields and led to the disease being discovered in surrounding areas. Resembling small dots of tar splattered against corn leaves, these bumps are hard, black and can be slightly raised…Hear more

In the News

NSTA and Corteva Agriscience Collaborate to Bring New Food & Agriculture Resources to Teachers

The National Science Teaching Association has teamed up with Corteva Agriscience to bring free, science-based lesson plans and resources to elementary teachers nationwide. These plans will help students understand how food is produced and the importance of agriculture.

“When students — and then hopefully their families — have discussions about where food comes from and the role agriculture plays in the food system, we are helping to create the next generation of informed food consumers,” said Dana Bolden, Senior Vice President, External Affairs and Sustainability, Corteva Agriscience. “In NSTA, we have a collaborator who translated our passion for food and agriculture into fun activities educators will seek to help them teach science and math.”…Read more.

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