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Every season presents unique challenges and having an expert provide advice can be invaluable. Pioneer agronomists are subject matter experts on topics such as corn ear drooping due to drought stress or wet, cold conditions promoting white mold in soybeans. This week’s briefs cover these issues and more.

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Crop Insights

Drooping Corn Ears

Drought stress can cause premature ear drooping and brown husks. Drooping ears restricts nutrient flow and forces the plant to move to black layer sooner than normal, leading to lower kernel mass and depth…Hear more

Soybean Reproductive Staging and Nodulation

Examining the top four nodes enables proper soybean reproductive staging. Bean pod size, the presence of developed beans and an overall evaluation of crop development all provide information as to what stage the soybeans are at…Hear more

Managing Soybean White Mold

White mold growing conditions have been excellent in many areas. The disease favors cool, continuously wet environments. An integrated management plan can help protect soybeans. Wider row spacing and reducing plant population are two ways to increase airflow in the canopy and create a less favorable environment for infection…Hear more

In the News

New Corteva Agriscience Greenhouse Unveiled at The Foodbank in Dayton, Ohio

The Foodbank in Dayton, Ohio, recently unveiled a new Corteva Agriscience greenhouse on The Foodbank’s garden property. Designed as a test, the greenhouse will produce lettuces and herbs for distribution through The Foodbank’s hunger relief programs.

“At Corteva Agriscience, our mission is to enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume,” said Micah Herron, Territory Manager, Corteva Agriscience. “Efforts like this make our mission a reality for those who consume. The greenhouse will help The Foodbank continue its important work of distributing food to those who are food insecure.”…Read more

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